14 Way 100A Metal Clad Consumer Unit 1 x 80A RCD

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The CTI Metal Clad Enclosure with 14 way capacity, includes a 100A isolator and 80A RCD.
Model: ZC14MC
Material: Metal
Life Expectancy: 150,000 Hours
Working Temperature: -20ºC - 50ºC
Dimensions(mm):H: 240 x W: 325 x D: 108 mm
Net Weight(kg):3.35 kg

14 Way
Sturdy metal construction, with hinged visor
Supplied with 100A mains isolator plus RCDs
Dual RCD boards for IET 17th Edition compliance
Allows installer to select MCBs, RCBOs and SPD for full compliance with IET 18th Edition - see page 202

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