20W LED/CFL 3 Hour Maintained Emergency Conversion Kit

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The 20W LED/CFL 3 Hour Maintained Emergency Conversion Kit is intended to be used with self ballasted compact fluorescent lamps or LED lamps and tubes up a load of 20W to provide emergency lighting for 3 hours.

Non-maintained and maintained operation can be achieved, depending on installation wiring. When used with LED lamps almost the total lumens output is achieved in emergency mode. Compact fluorescent lamps can produce up to 20% of total lumens output.

This will vary lamp by lamp and is only a guide. The kit contains inverter, battery, indicator LED, manual quick test button and an intumescent sleeve.

This item is not suitable for low voltage LED lamps that require a separate driver (power supply unit).

  • 20W maximum load, LED or compact fluorescent lamps
  • 10 cell 12V 3Ah high temperature Nickel Cadmium batteries
  • 3 hour operation, either Non-maintained or Maintained on installation
  • Manual quick test button
  • Indicator LED
  • 220-240V 50/60Hz supply required
  • Dims: Battery Dia 50 x L 245mm, Inverter H 30 x W 38mm x L 172mm, intumescent sleeve L 420mm x W 145mm
  • Test button on 270mm lead OD 10mm, indicator LED on 298mm lead OD 8mm.
  • May be installed through 70mm minimum ceiling cut out.
  • Weight: 1.05kg

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