LED IP65 Emergency Exit Sign

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This IP65 LED exit sign is ideal for fit and forget installations in areas like car parks. The LED's have a very long life, around 50,000 hours before failure. This offers 4-5 years of maintenance free operation. Using less than 10 watts, this emergency light is very energy efficient. A 90 lumen's output is equivalent to an 8 watt T5 tube in emergency battery operation. The IP65 outdoor rated body is manufactured from durable polycarbonate with a 150mm double sided legend giving a 30 metre viewing distance.

  • High output white LED light source
  • 3 hour maintained/non maintained operation
  • Double sided exit legend, 30 metre viewing distance
  • IP65, outdoor use
  • 230 volt mains
  • Dims: H 250mm, W 345mm, D 100mm

Please note this emergency light is suitable for ceiling mount only.

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