Mini Wallpack 15W Selectable 2CCT - 3000K/4000K c/w 3Hr Emergency

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Mini Wallpack 15W Selectable 2CCT - 3000K/4000K c/w 3Hr Emergency

Range:Peak Mini Wallpack
Designed for building perimeters and walkways, Peak is a compact wall mounted luminaire with 45° angled body to direct light downwards where required. Supplied with a neat bezel trim and tamper resistant diffuser screws. Peak is available with photocell and emergency options.

Product Type: Emergency

Product code:Â PK15E-CCT
Lumen Output:1500 lm
Dimensions(mm):L: 270 x W: 120 x D: 138 mm
Net Weight(kg):0.835 kg

Compact contemporary design
Angled 45° body to reduce trespass light
Selectable 2CCT colour appearance - 3000K/4000K
Tamper resistant diffuser screws
Fitted with integral 3 hour emergency

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