Polo X Circular Gear Tray 13W 3500K, M/W + CF & 3HR EM

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Polo X Circular Gear Tray 13W 3500K, M/W + CF & 3HR EM

Range:Circular Gear Trays Multi-fit LED Gear Trays
High quality LED Gear Trays, suitable for use with POLO X and Robust empty bodies and also with a wide range of legacy bulkhead housings (subject to fixing centres and internal volume).

Product Type: MW Corridor Function + Emergency

Product Code: GTC13E/MSCF-35
Lumen Output:1800 lm
Dimensions(mm):Ø: 245 x D: 47mm
Net Weight(kg):0.42 kg

Fitted with integral LED Driver, microwave presence detector with adjustable dim level corridor function. Dims to selected level when area is unoccupied. Also includes Ni-Cd emergency operation batteries.
Lifetime 40,000 hours.
Designed for use with POLO X and Robust empty body circular bulkhead fittings.
Suitable as a replacement tray for a wide range of other propietary bulkhead luminaires including 2D lamp, subject to existing fixing centres and thermal considerations.
Replaces product code E15LEDEMMSDIM.

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Alternative Product:GTC13E/MS-35

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