B-Glow Wireless, Self Illuminating Fire Exit Sign

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B-Glow fire safety signs are self-powered and self-illuminating, being totally independent of any external energy source, yet providing continuously illuminated signage. Their legends are visible in light, semi-dark and totally dark conditions and B-Glow signs can be used in almost any environmental conditions: from -40°C to +80°C temperatures and in any level of humidity. In fact, B-Glow signs will continue to work normally even when immersed in water. Unlike photoluminescent signs, B-Glow signs do not need frequent charging by ambient light.

Light is produced by gaseous tritium light sources (GTLS) These are low-energy, nuclear lamps that harness beta radiation (electrons) in order to energise a phosphor coating, generating a steady visual light stream. This process takes place within sealed borosilicate tubes in the heart of the sign and is non-emissive and completely safe. GTLS fire safety signs are Type Approved by the HSE for use within the workplace.The sign enclosure is moulded in durable polycarbonate (grade VOl to provide excellent physical protection and, for additional impact-resistance and security, a range of protective accessories is available.

B-Glow signs are supplied in a dark grey body. Dimensions: 320 x 170 x 20mm. Weight: 0.6 kg. Fixing: By tamper-proof screws direct to supporting surface.

B-Glow signs have been installed in almost every type of environment, from hospitals to offshore production platforms. However, because B-Glow signs can be installed quickly and easily, without the need for conduit or MICC runs, they are particularly suited forthe following applications.

Heritage Sites: Continuously illuminated signage can be achieved without wall penetrations and without unsightly and potentially destructive surface wiring.

Cinemas & Auditoriums: The 'cold' luminosity produced by B-Glow signs does not distract audiences yet remains visible in case of emergency.

Remote Installations: In facilities without secure power supplies orthose that rely on battery output (when ambient power consumption must be minimised) B-Glow signs offer a convenient means of providing independent and reliable, 24/7 illuminated signage.

Temporary Signage: Because B-Glow signs can be quickly and easily installed and removed (within minutes) they provide a highly cost-effective solution where temporary safety signage is required . Signs can be changed without the need to remove / install wiring or re-engineer power systems.

• Completely Self-Powered
• No Batteries or Charging Required
• No Mains Power or Wiring
• Maintenance-Free for Life
• Service Life of 15 years
• Continuously Illuminated Legends
• Fast & Convenient Installation
• Safe for Hazardous Atmospheres
• Absolute Reliability

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