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The NightSearcher HawkStar and HawkStar X are a pair of super bright, professional searchlights. Separated by their battery and lumens output, both models have been engineered by NightSearcher to satisfy the high standard requirements of emergency services.

The HawkStar professional rechargeable LED searchlight has been designed and engineered by NightSearcher. Utilizing high lumens output LEDs and specially designed reflectors with optics, both the HawkStar-X and its lower-power version, the HawkStar offer wide and narrow light beam control.

Ideal for long distance searching or flood lighting wider areas with its built in stand, the HawkStar models offer incredibly high lumens output and superior battery runtimes.

The HawkStar searchlight and cradle assembly have been crash tested at 70MPH (112KPH) and passed the tests by the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators completely undamaged. Complete with a secure-fit cradle, the HawkStar is ideal for vehicle storage for quick and easy deployment.

Key Features

  • Wide angle flood and narrow angle search beams
  • Crash tested at 70MPH (112KPH)
  • Multiple brightness levels and dimmable mode
  • Integrated adjustable stand


  • Modes: Narrow | Wide | Boost | Dimmable
  • Lumen:  4200 lumens at full power
  • Run time:  Up to 9.5hrs
  • Beam Distance:  Up to 600 metres at full power
  • Power source: 7.4V 10.2Ah, 75.28Wh Li-ion
  • Charging time:  8hrs
  • IP:  IP65 rated
  • Size:  250x125x120mm
  • Weight:  1.1kg


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