PULSAR AAA - 3x AAA Single Pulsar Light (Green)

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Pulsar AAA

Single, Battery Powered Hazard Warning Lights

4 Colours Options (Blue, Green,Red, Yellow)

The NightSearcher Pulsar AAA are individual warning hazard lights that are ideal for emergency situations such as roadside hazards, traffic control and vehicle breakdowns. Pulsar gives a strong lighting cordon to the surrounding area to keep you safe and seen.

Pulsar AAA offer 360° illumination and act as a visible light cordon in times of emergency or hazard. With 10 built-in lighting modes, Pulsar can be seen from over 1 kilometre away.

The Pulsar AAA lights have a tough and resistant housing that makes the pods crush proof up to 1 tonne and carry an IP67 water and dust ingree rating. The pods also float on water and have a strong magnetic back enabling them to be attached to vehicles and other metallic surfaces.

Key features:

  • Visible from over 1 kilometre 
  • 360° illumination
  • Ten light modes
  • Operates up to 240 hours
  • Rated IP67 - waterproof up to a 10 metre submersion in water
  • Crushproof and shock resistant up to 1 tonne
  • White torch setting
Supplied With
  • 3 x AAA Alkaline batteries
Optional Accessories
  • Cone mount

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