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New Sequential Hazard Warning Lights

Set of 10 Sequential, Rechargeable, Fast Deployment LED Hazard Warning Lights

Set of 10

The NightSearcher Pulsar NavStar is the newest addition to our Pulsar warning lighting range. Designed with safety in mind, NavStar is a fast-deployment hazard warning light set that acts as a visible light cordon in times of emergency.

A fast-depolyment hazard warning set of 10 lights, the Pulsar NavStar is housed in a durable polymer carry case. The carry case not only keeps all of the lights together but is also fully charged when it's connected to the supplied 12/24v vehicle charger or 240v mains charger.

Each light features an automatic switch on and flash mode squencing, enabling emergency services personnel to close off a hazardous area in quick time and as safely as possible. NavStar has a 360-degree illumination zone, which can be seen from over 1 kilometre away. The lights also project a vertical beam, making them ideal for drone and helicopter operations too.

With a simple two-button operation, you can choose between six flashing modes and three light colours, or combinations thereof. NavStar’s rugged design makes them the ideal solution for hazard lighting: the lights are crush-proof up to 3 tonnes, carry an IP68 rating, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees up to +60 degrees centigrade.

Key Features

  • Automatic switch-on and flash-mode sequencing
  • Fast-deployment hazard warning light set
  • Crush-proof up to 3 tonnes
  • Robust aluminium construction with tempered glass lens

Supplied with:

  • 12V + 24V DC vehicle charger
  • AC charger

Optional Extras:

  • Magnetic cone mount


Power source Lithium Battery
Run time 72
Charging time 10-12hrs
Modes 6
Size 370x150x335mm
IP 68
Impact resistance 3 tons of crush proof

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