So Pure KT3 Dual Technology Purified Air Unit 100 sq mtr

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KT3 Dual Technology Medical Grade Air Steriliser

Range:KT3 Air Steriliser
KT3 features a medical grade HEPA13 filter, plus UV-C lamps and a UV lamp activated Titanium Oxide catalytic action filter. This combination is perfect for the 'multiple barrier' approach to destroy and remove viruses, bacteria, organic compounds and pollution from the air, proven by test certification.

Product Type:Air Steriliser

Product Code:KT3
Dimensions(mm):L: 729 x W: 490 x D: 244 mm
Net Weight(kg):17 kg

Proven Dual Technology Air Sterilisation
Independent European lab (Airmid Healthgroup biomedical research facility) testing certifies >99.99% removal of SARS-CoV2 (Coronavirus)
UV-C lamp, Medical Grade HEPA Filter & Activated Carbon Filter
Fully automatic and safe to use, even in occupied areas
Purchase, lease or rent options

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